Lodge Polkemmet 927 Banner




The Lodge Polkemmet Banner was designed and donated to the Lodge by Bro. Tom Gray PM and Bro. Lauchie Richardson as there was a piece of Tartan left over from the initial weave, Bro. Richardsons partner Gillian is a very keen needlewoman and put them in contact with one of her friends Anne Todd, who very kindly agreed to make the Banner, however she did state that as she was now in her 70’s that she wouldn’t make another one if it was damaged! Anne, who lives in Darlington, is an active member of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles as well as being a member of her local patchwork & quilting group called the Threadbangers.

I am sure you will agree as the banner demonstrates, she is an excellent needlewoman and we are eternally grateful for all the hours put in to creating it. Well done Anne!!