Polkemmet Tartan

The "Polkemmet" Tartan





December 19th 2009 not only saw the Installation take place but also saw a wee bit of history made for Lodge Polkemmet when the new 'Polkemmet' tartan was unveiled. It was designed in conjunction with the general committee by Bro. Tom Gray PM and after careful deliberation the colours were chosen for the following reasons

Blue to match our regalia and also to signify the water which Whitburn is named after, the White Burn.

Green to show our allegience to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and to tie in with Polkemmet Country Park.

Double Gold Band the same as our aprons and also represents the wheat which was often grown locally.

Black represents Coal from Polkemmet Colliery.

Grey to signify the Stone our ancient brethren worked and likewise the shale bings which dominated the Whitburn skyline for so many years.

It was agreed not to restrict this tartan to lodge members but to open it to whoever wishes to wear it, however anyone who wishes to wear it or have it woven will firstly have to obtain permission from General Committee who may ask them to make a small donation to charity.

I'm sure you will agree from the attached photos that it makes a 'braw' tartan.

Thanks must also go out to Alan and Barbara Waddell from Bathgate Kilt Studio for all their help.